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Paradise Pines RV Park
Additional Information

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If your lot does not include electric, you’ll need to order it, be sure to give your lot
number and the meter pole number for electricity. For everyday mail, use the lot
number, or if a guest, arrange postal designation.

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Brighthouse and Verizon provide telephone and additional Internet services.
Inquire at the clubhouse or ask others in the park about local providers.

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There are over 50 local digital over-the-air television channels here, including all the
major networks, however cable TV is available through Brighthouse and is often
bundled with Internet services should you wish.

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We have a laundry room with washers and dryers inside the clubhouse. Please do
not hang laundry to dry at your site.

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The Lutz Post Office is south on Highway 41 about 10 minutes from the resort. Mail
is delivered and picked up daily in the afternoon. The Lutz Library has Internet
services and is located directly across from the Lutz Post Office. Please ask for
directions at the office, or from someone in the park.

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Wal Mart and Target are south on Dale Mabry Hwy.

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Generally, deliveries of any sort can be to your park address. You are responsible
for letting them in the gate. You also must inform any vendors coming into our park
that it is a Nudist park. Generally, vendors from Pasco county have considerable
experience with the local Nudist parks, but you must always check and be sure they
understand and accept this fact.

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ATM units are available at banks, stores and gas stations in Lutz.

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1.     Your unit must be neat, tidy and acceptable. You are expected to
respect and maintain the property you are sharing with the owner.

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2.     Please have two copies: one for the management company, and the owner if
renting directly:
a.     Driver’s License
b.     Registration of your vehicle (RV, 5th wheel, car, etc)
c.     Copy of your insurance
d.      Copy of completed short term lease form.

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3.      If you are renting directly from an owner, you must provide the above
information to the owner and a copy to be faxed or mailed to the
management company.

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4.     Proof of membership to a generally recognized nudist group such as
AANR, The naturist Society, Federation of Canadian Naturists, TNF or INF.

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5.     Renters must apply for a background check conducted by the management company. This must be
completed within 15 days of residency. Forms may be downloaded at

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6.     Quiet hours: 11pm until 8am.

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7.     Any owners/renters wishing to invite non-park guests to their lots need to
be sure the guests know and accept that this is a nudist park and open the
gate for them. Please limit the number of guests to those that your lot and
personal RV can accommodate.

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Emergency Police/Fire/Ambulance                         911
Pasco Sheriff Non-Emergency                         813-996-6982

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The Vanguard Management Group, Inc.
9300 N. 16th St.
Tampa, Fl 33612
813-930-8036 ext. 311
813-930-9615 fax

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University Comm. Hospital                         813-971-6000
(right on Dale Mawbry, left on Fletcher)
3100 E. Fletcher Ave., Tampa

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High speed internet is available in the clubhouse and throughout the park.

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The Internet is currently provided free of charge as a basic internet service to our owners and renters.
As a basic service it is intended to give access for email and browsing. It is not intended to provide premium services
and these services are not provided to keep our costs down. Users who abuse the access rules will be completely
blocked from further access.

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If you must have these premium services, Brighthouse will provide your own internet connection at your site for a
nominal fee.

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Internet name and password will change from time to time and can be provided by the lot owner or a member of the
Board of Directors.

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Especially to residents of other Parks!!