The Pines Sales and Rental Group


Setup fee: $35.00, one time fee for new participating owners

SALES LIST:           1ST LOT $45.00
                          2ND LOT $22.50
                          3RD LOT $11.25

RENTAL LIST:        1ST LOT $30.00
                          2ND LOT $15.00
                        3RD LOT $7.50

Photos of listing on Website are $5.00 each maximum of four per listing
First photo for each listing is free.

These prices are good for 6 months of joint advertising. There are no refunds. Advertising includes, but is not
limited to, AANR, NUSA, Pasco Naturally,, Caliente Resident Newsletter, posting on PPRVP
clubhouse bulletin board, and The Pines RVP Rental/Sales web site. A checking account has been set up by
the The Pines Sales and Rental Group and an accounting is available to all participating owners which is
available on request. Please make your check payable to Wayne Blodgett.

Mail Checks to:
20300 Leonard Rd, Lot #71
Lutz, Fl  33558

The Advertising Pool is coordinated and maintained by lot owners:
Dennis, Lot 79 Webmaster for and

Dennis Rhein Lot 79
Wayne & Rose Blodgett Lot 71
Tim & Judy Lot 65